Aditel Today


“Simple, innovative ideas for a top-quality, comprehensive service”


Aditel, Auxiliar de la Distribución Eléctrica, S.A. is a company which specialises in electrical installations, energy and telecommunications.


Founded in 1989, following the expansion of the original company dating back to 1971, Aditel has gradually carved out its niche in the market, as a constantly-expanding company with immense future potential.

Over the years, a number of major clients have put their trust in Aditel; our highly-qualified, professional team has provided optimum, innovative solutions, helping customers to develop and expand into new areas of business and research. Our services range from telecommunications, engineering, the building of electrical substations, turnkey projects, the development of new energy sources to the production of custom-built infrastructures.


Today, Aditel works with clients throughout Spain as well as in the foreign market, using state-of-the-art equipment and computer-based activity tracking; also providing a permanent emergency services to attend to our customers’ needs at all times. Ongoing investment in cutting-edge technology has made Aditel one of the most steadfast and reliable companies in the sector.


Goals As a company keen to undertake new endeavours, research and innovation are of the utmost importance to us; this has enabled us to provide a top-quality, comprehensive service based on developing simple, alternative approaches to troublesome problems. Our goal is to become a national benchmark, as the sector’s most competitive and socially responsible company, with a deep-rooted commitment to safety and environmental protection.


Our mission is to focus on ongoing quality enhancement, to develop solutions that meet the client’s needs. Our values are based on teamwork, on a responsible, professional approach, on commitment to our workers’ safety, and on the customer as the main priority.