Environmental Responsability

“Committed to protecting the environment”


As we are committed to protecting the environment, we insist on giving our customers an absolute guarantee of reliability, safety, and quality, meeting all the demands of today’s market; likewise, the importance of minimising the environmental impact and the reduction of pollution is paramount, through well-managed waste disposal techniques.


Aditel was the first Andalusian company in this sector to be granted a Quality Certificate (complying with Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001, AENOR) and an Environmental Management Certificate (complying with Standards GA-2000/0126, UNE-EN ISO 14001, AENOR).


Our Quality and Environment Committee has worked closely with the Industrial Risk Prevention department in the production of Plans which cover Quality Control, the Environment and Inspection Programmes which enable comprehensive monitoring. This joint approach to Safety, Quality and the Environment has given us a competitive edge, as well as benefitting customers and society as a whole.

Aditel is active in the area of new energy sources: e.g. wind energy, solar energy, energy-saving processes and efficiency measures. As a result, not only are new business opportunities presented, but also the use of renewable energy is encouraged, thus recognising its future potential, and believing in the possibility of a more sustainable world.