Information and Communication Technologies

“ICTs: a key component in creating and developing a business model”

Aditel offers a whole range of solutions in the field of information and communication technologies, ranging from infrastructure supply to data processing and management, since ICTs are a key component in creating and developing a business model.


Infrastructure and communications.

Infrastructure and communications lie at the heart of all information systems. Aditel offers comprehensive turnkey solutions covering all the requirements of today’s data centres. Amongst its many services, Aditel provides critical electrical systems, structured cabling and advanced networking, complex storage networks, security solutions, high availability systems, hardware exploitation, as well as advisory and support services.


Applications development.

Applications are a major element in ICT infrastructure, since they are responsible for data management and development. Aditel provides high-quality, modern applications and development solutions for the business environment, making full use of RIA technology to ensure high availability and enhanced access to data.


ICT Process Management.

Aditel has developed an ICT Management Model (ad-tic), based on process management and able to generate strategies for managing and developing company information systems, as well as considerably improving critical infrastructure points.